A Sincere Apology to "Live, Laugh, Love" People

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As a Leo-Leo-Taurus, my main traits are (1) controlled (read: minimal) doses of empathy and (2) a high investment in making my home as cozy as possible. A lethal combination that often gets me dis-invited to other people’s houses. Which is why I couldn’t empathize with people who care to clutter their home with a lot of words or colorful decorations that are there “just because.” A few crucial moments that led me to the realization that I was fucking up for judging “Live, Laugh Love” people:

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(Surprisingly, this is is not an April Fool’s joke.)

If I were to write an Onion article, the first line would probably read, “Suburban moms realize that they can simply Live, Laugh, Love without a visual reminder, causing sales in ubiquitous wall art to plummet.” Yes, I have 100% judged a lot of people that have generic positive affirmations hanging on their wall. Like, do you actually need some shitty Walmart wall art to remind yourself to “Live, Laugh, Love??” Can’t you see how basic this makes you?

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  • While reading “The Body is Not an Apology” by Sonya Renee Taylor, I learned to come up with a set of affirmations that help me become kinder to my own body. I write these in my journal and write them 10 times more when I’m feeling extra uncomfortable in my own skin.

  • I unexpectedly spent a lot of time and energy curating the images in my own personal space (pictured left). I have more than one framed photo of Beyoncé. I have a framed O’Keeffe print. The Obamas are present. These are visual representations of my own goals: Truths in progress. Which is the whole premise of a positive affirmation! It’s true, after all. When you point a finger, there are four more pointing back atcha.

Positivity is all about consuming content that inspires you to live out your own personal goals. I’m wrong to think that my aesthetic makes me better than “Live, Laugh, Love” people, and I deeply apologize. Go on, buy that lime green polka dot pic with the metallic gold script lettering and fucking own it.

Here are 3 affirmations I use in the privacy of my own journal. All are body-related, because I’m struggling lately. Images by Kelsey McLellan.

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