I could spend all the time in the world trying to convince you that I’m funny as hell, but I thought it would be more effective to share actual* reviews from millennial women who love my work:

4/5 stars
Is she the Jeff from FBI that these memes speak of?

I laughed my entire ass off reading about a serum Beatriz invented called Gwyneth Paltrow’s Tears that gives you the same confidence as an average white girl who thinks she invented everything. But how did she know what snacks I actually brought to Stoner Friendsgiving? How did she know that I wake and bake with gold rolling papers? Is she tapping our phones to mine data for this A+ content?
— PhonePasscodeIs1234

5/5 stars
The woke education I never thought I needed.

Beatriz’s comparison between immigration policy and a palatable white icon like Bobby Berk taught me not to be an asshole to my immigrant friends. When she wrote Men Who Take Care of Themselves are Sexy AF, I realized I’d been settling for less for years! Thank God or Beyoncé for blessing us with Beatriz’s words of wisdom.
— CadyHeron90210

4/5 stars
The gay brown Carrie Bradshaw the world needs.

She saved my ass with pointers from How to Spot a Fuckboy in Sheep’s Clothing. She called me the f*ck out for moving too quickly in my first gay relationship. She saved my ass AGAIN from horrible dieting and workout cycles for the New Year. But can someone please give sis a whole ass column so I can get my life together!?

*note: all of these reviews are adapted and copy-edited from real testimonies.


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