when we kiss,
I bite your lip
and it feels like
biting into the meat of a clementine
if I could just get past
this soft, sweet, delicate wall
I’m not ready to drown in orange


Every bone in my body will break
when I find out
that you are not in love with me


If you were my lover,
you would say things like,
”Pass the sugar, sugar”
I would lay my head on your chest
your beard hair would graze my forehead


I would say things like,
”Give me some sugar, sugar”
I would draw circles on your chest with my fingers
until I make your nipple hairs stand
I would stare into your eyes
until you have no choice but to drown in mine


I took the day off
because I wanted to spend the day writing
Writing is real work
There’s a lot of shit to sort
Each thought has to fit in a specific folder
White folders with color-coded tabs
Then I need to make copies
I label the copies “copy”
Then I make another copy
I label those “copy of a copy”
I shove everything in their appropriate folders
and place them in these large brown cabinets
Each cabinet is labeled
”Same old shit”


If you were my lover,
you would not approve
that I took a day off to do what I wanted
I’m glad you’re not my lover today
but tomorrow I will miss making your nipple hair stand
and all I will want to do
is drown in orange